Dave Kassel — Teaching and Session Music

Carter St band St Patrick's Day 2018

Violin and fiddle in styles, ranging from bluegrass to Bach, to rock, with a little Irish mixed in. Available for gigs, recording sessions, and weddings.

Dave S&H photo croppedDave Kassel is currently giving both fiddle and classical violin lessons at Mockingbird Music in Berlin, MA

…and has played in the Stomp ‘N Holler and Cactus Gang country-western bands.

Dave has played in the Concord Orchestra in Concord, MA, and in a wide range of bluegrass, folk, and country bands in central Massachusetts.

Recent videos:


With the Carter Street Band

Compadres in the Old Sierra Madres

First-place entry in the Lowell Fiddle and Banjo Contest, September 2017:

Lead Belly’s “Gallows Pole”

Old-time fiddling in cross-tuning:

Reuben’s Train

With the Cactus Gang:

Fast as You

With Stomp ‘N Holler:

Little White Church

With guitarist Scott Matsumoto:

She Moved Through the Fair and Snows of March fiddle tune


4 Responses to Dave Kassel — Teaching and Session Music

  1. Herman E Hampton says:

    Hi David,
    thanks for your help today. Should have gotten on stage when I had more confidence. Challenge for next year. The young kids playing were inspiring.

  2. David Kassel says:

    Great to see you again, Herman, and congrats on winning honorable mention in the category! I don’t think you were there to get your ribbon.

    • Herman E Hampton says:

      Hi David,
      I got a honorable mention. I should have stuck around longer. My goal was only to play something challenging in front of an audience. I’m preparing for a longer concert in a couple of weeks. It will be a combination of classical, spirituals, country, latin, and bluegrass. Even at my age, I still have to work on stage presence.
      Checked out a couple versions online and will work on them for next year. Would you mind sending a version link that’s similar to the one I played?

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